pool to be replaster

Does your pool need a Face-lift?

Pool plasters, tend to last 5-7 years before eroding for regular plasters, other materials like QuartzScapes can last almost twice as long. The eroded plaster turns rough, can scrape your feet, or simply causes the pool to get stains overtime with debris and some chemicals, which is why a re-plaster is recommended. Regardless of the material you are looking for give us a call, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate or advice over which material would be best for your pool depending on your budget. Financing available apply at paypal credit.

Renovation Process

Renovation time varies, for just a re-plaster job normally the time frame is between 3-5 days from the day we drain the pool to the day the pool is ready to be refilled. But for a complete Renovation which includes tile, re-plaster, and pool coping, it can take between 3-4 weeks to get the job done. We strive to complete the renovation as soon as possible while still performing good quality work.

guy preparing pool to replaster

Pool Replaster

For a white re-plaster on a average pool with no Hot-Tub the customer should expect the cost to be around $3500. Give us a call for a personalized estimate.

Plaster Patch

If a re-plaster is not in your budget, but you have stains caused by exposed re-bar, we have you covered. We offer a patch repair to seal and patch the re-bar. The average cost for this job on a white plaster is $500

Tile Replace

To re-tile your pool the price varies on the tile, we have tiles from $4/linear foot, to $15/linear foot. For a free estimate give us a call and schedule an appointment.